The following outlines the privacy policy of Timed Alert. Timedalert.com takes serious concern towards safeguarding the privacy of its users and private/confidential information submitted to it.

Personal Identification Information:

In certain instances, users of timedalert.com may be asked and/or required to provide information that personally identifies them and/or is private in nature. Such information may include name, address, contact number(s), e-mail address, etc. While providing such information is solely at the discretion of the user, certain features provided by the site may require submission of such information. This includes, but is not limited to information requests, product registration, purchase transactions, and granting of access to certain parts of the site.


Unless required by law, or expressly consented to, timedalert.com will not release, share, or disclose to any third party, Personal Identification Information submitted to it by the user. Timedalert.com does, however, reserve the right to utilize Personal Identification Information for internal matters relating to company business such as management of client lists, customer relations, invitations to participate in research, sending of updates, notices, or other promotional materials, and maintenance of operational status, etc.

Any testimonial, feedback, comment, or survey information that you voluntarily submit to timedalert.com may be used without further consent for administrative, promotion, as well as customer service purposes.

Upon the user's express consent, timedalert.com may utilize Personal Identification Information for promotional functions pertaining to both products and/or services. Promotional functions may be made available to users directly from timedalert.com, or indirectly through third party entities. It is understood, however, that where the product and/or service is offered by a third party entity, it is the sole responsibility of the user to verify the validity and genuineness of the entity and offer being made. Timedalert.com, herein disclaims any and all liability and/or fault for damage(s) and/or harm, either direct or indirect that may result from any third party's product, service, and/or misuse of Personal Identification Information.

Those users who wish to be excluded from having their Personal Identification Information used for promotional functions may do so by sending an e-mail entitled "Opt Out" to: sales@timedalert.com. Similarly, users may choose to have their prior consent to use of Personal Identification Information revoked by similarly submitting an e-mail entitled "Opt Out" to: sales@timedalert.com at any time after such information has been submitted.

Customer Inquiries:

Any comments, inquiries, and/or concerns pertaining to any content and/or policy on this site can be either e-mailed or mailed to the following:


Address: Timed Alert, 9033 Owensmouth Ave., Canoga Park, Ca 91304