Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s:

Q1: Can the Watch alert me of when I need to take a medication according to my prescription schedule?

A: YES, our customized software application lets you easily program multiple prescription schedules which can then be wirelessly uploaded into the Watch.

Q2: Can the Watch alert me of when I need to refill my prescription medication?

A: YES, the Watch can also be programmed to alert you of when you need to Refill a prescription along with the pharmacy name and phone number.

Q3: Can I program a refill schedule without programming a prescription schedule?

A: YES, you can program medication Refill alert(s) independently of medication prescription schedule(s).

Q4: I take my medication(s) every 4 hours during the day. Can I program the alerts to match my medication schedule?

A: YES, our software application allows alerts to be set for equal time intervals such as for every 2hr, 3hr, 4hr, 6hr, 8hr, 12hr, and 24hr periods.

Q5: I take my medication(s) at random time intervals during the day. Can I program the alerts to match my medication schedule?

A: YES, our software application allows alerts to be customized to your specific medication schedule.

Q6: If I miss my last alert, is there a way for me to look it up?

A: YES, the Watch automatically records the last alert that went off. To view the last alert, you can go into User Info menu and scroll down until you reach the “Last Alert” sub-menu.

Q7: Can I use the Watch to help me remember to take Vitamins and other supplements?

A: YES, schedules for both prescription and non-prescription medications can be programmed into the Watch.

Q8: I am often in meetings and do not want the Watch alert to be heard by others. Is there alert modes other than sound?

A: YES, there are other alert options besides sound alert. The Watch also has Silent, Vibrate, or a combination of Vibrate and Sound alert modes.

Q9: My prescription schedule needs to be adjusted from time to time. Do I have to re-enter all of my prescription data each time I need to adjust my prescription schedule?

A: NO, our customized software retains your existing prescription schedule and allows you to quickly make changes to your schedule without re-entering any of the existing schedule data.

Q10: I find it convenient to call in my refill prescriptions so that they are ready at the pharmacy when I arrive. Can the Watch inform me of my Pharmacy phone number so that I always have it with me?

A: YES, the Watch allows you to store the Name and Phone number of your pharmacy so that you always have it available when you need to give them a call.

Q11: It would be advantageous to have a copy of my prescription schedule available for a quick reference. Does the Watch software allow you to print out the prescription schedule?

A: YES, our software has a menu option which itemizes each of your prescription medications and allows you to generate a printout of these.

Q12: I sometimes have a hard time seeing small letters and numbers. Will I be able to read the LCD of the Watch?

A: YES, the reminder was specifically designed to have a large LCD so that all of the information displayed will be easy to read.

Q13: : I often take my medications at night. Will I be able to see the LCD of the Watch where it is dark?

A: YES, the Watch has a built-in backlight on the display for viewing the LCD in low visibility light.